Sep 302011

Thank you all for joining the #Canucks Twitter Fans pool! Originally I just wanted to have some fun with the good #Canucks fans of Twitter with a small Yahoo Fantasy Pool, but my 10-person league grew to 16, which then grew into another entire 16-person pool. I’m certain we could have easily filled 2 more divisions as well.

I wanted to explain some of the rules here so everyone knows what’s happening and we can all have fun this season!

When your players are playing they will accumulate fantasy points. The manager with the most fantasy points at the end of the season is the winner.

Scoring details:

Forward/Defenseman Stat Categories Point Values
Goals (G) 3
Assists (A) 2
Plus/Minus (+/-) 1
Penalty Minutes (PIM) .5
Powerplay Points (PPP) 1
Shots on Goal (SOG) .4
Goaltender Stat Categories Point Values
Wins (W) 4
Goals Against (GA) -1
Saves (SV) .2
Shutouts (SHO) 2


Some of the finer details:

  • 25 Moves Maximum. This means you can drop players and pick up available players as Free Agents (FA) or off Waivers (W). The initial waiver order is reverse draft order. If two managers make a claim for a player on waivers, the manager with the lower waiver priority will get the player.
  • 2 Days Waiver time. When a manager drops a player, their status is W for waiver for 2 days, before they become FA or Free Agent.
  • 25 Trades Maximum. Trades are reviewed by the Commissioner before being approved.
  • 82 Games Maximum at each roster spot. This means 164 games for both C, both RW, both LW, both G, and 328 games among all your D.

I’ve created 2 Twitter lists, one for each division, following all of the managers in each. Feel free to follow the list or the tweeps on the lists!

Smythe Division Twitter List          Northwest Division Twitter List

Prizes are still to be determined, I will keep everyone posted. That’s all! Thanks for joining, and have fun!




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