Feb 022017
Canucks Top 5 Surprises This Season

Bo Horvat started this season as the 3rd line centre behind Henrik Sedin and Brandon Sutter. Despite ranking 5th in TOI/GP for forwards this season, and with very little time on the power play, Horvat is leading the team this season in goals and points. He has been a professional through everything this season – good or […]

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Jan 082017
Gingerbread 2016: Stewart Farmhouse

In 2009, I received The Gingerbread Architect as a gift. It’s a great book, and it comes with recipes and ingredients for 12 different gingerbread masterpieces. Since then I’ve made a number of gingerbread houses, including 2011’s Urban Brownstone, and the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in 2012. This year, for the second time, I decided to make my own […]

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Oct 112016
The Canucks Preview for the Casual Fan

As the success of the Canucks comes and goes, so do the fans. For the casual fan that’s still on board, you may not recognize the team, and for good reason. Initially billed as a retooling, this is a full rebuild. Remember the 2011 run to the Stanley Cup final? Only 6 of those Canucks […]

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Oct 292015
What To Expect When You're Expecting Hockey

A coworker asked me today if this will be a good year for the Canucks. I didn’t have a simple answer for him. Predicting this year’s Canucks is akin to predicting the behavior of children. As a parent, sometimes you’re shocked at your kid’s actions. Sometimes, you swell with pride. And other times you are […]

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Jul 292015
White Rock U9 Tadpole All-Stars – Andrews Invitational Tournament Champs

The 2015 White Rock U9 Tadpole All-Stars won the Andrews Invitational championship, going a perfect 15-0 in tournament play this summer. For these kids, this is the first season where they pitch to batters, and hit from other pitchers. Andrews Invitational Tournament Recap Game 1 featured great hitting throughout the lineup and some solid defense. Vasya […]

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Jul 152015
White Rock U9 Tadpole All-Stars - Ridge Meadows Tournament Champs

Last weekend, the White Rock U9 Tadpole All-Stars played in the Rupert Reed Invitational Tournament in Ridge Meadows. The boys went undefeated, posting a 5-0 record on their way to the tournament championship. At this age group, pitchers are only allowed to pitch one inning per game. A deep pitching rotation and solid bullpen are the hallmarks of this […]

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Jul 062015
U9 Tadpole All-Stars – Newton Cook Tournament Champs

This weekend the White Rock Tadpole U9 All-Stars went undefeated on their way to the championship at the Diane Cook Tournament in Newton. These boys pitched for the first time in a game this week, and did very well for themselves, playing some great baseball. Some of the highlights included some excellent shut-down pitching from […]

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Apr 262015
See You In September

Much has been said about the Canucks bandwagon, and the legions of fans that have broken ankles jumping off and on. Let’s not forget the debacle that was last season. Remember that prior to this season, the Canucks main objective was to make it back to the playoffs. Many Canucks fans jumped off the bandwagon […]

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