Oct 112014

Thank you all for joining (and re-joining) the #Canucks Twitter Fans pool in the Smythe Division.

Another fun draft! It’s a great group of people. Everyone’s Twitter details are below.

The hashtag for this pool is #CanucksFHLSmythe.

Like last year, this is a Rotisserie league. In Rotisserie pools, each team is ranked on a number of statistic categories based on how they compare with other teams. Then, your placement in those rankings are summed to determine your current score.

For example, if there are 17 managers in the pool, and you’re 1st place in goals and 2nd place in assists, you will get 17 pts for goals, 16 pts for assists. The manager with the lowest rank in each category gets 1 pt. The manager with the most points at the end of the season wins.

Clearly it makes sense to go for players that will do well in numerous stat categories.

Some of the finer details:

  • 25 Moves Maximum. This means you can drop players and pick up available players as Free Agents (FA) or off Waivers (W). The initial waiver order is reverse draft order. If two managers make a claim for a player on waivers, the manager with the lower waiver priority will get the player.
  • 2 Days Waiver time. When a manager drops a player, their status is W for waiver for 2 days, before they become FA or Free Agent.
  • 25 Trades Maximum. Trades are reviewed by the Commissioner before being approved.
  • 82 Games Maximum at each roster spot. This means 164 games for both C, both G, and 328 games among all your D, and all your Wingers.
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a mention on Twitter, or DM me, or comment on this post. Good Luck everyone!
Drafted Team 1st Round Pick Name Twitter
1 Stick Me Some Semin Sidney Crosby Byron @byronckf
2 JacksonsAllJacks Steven Stamkos Dawn @light_and_lit
3 @transcendwebs John Tavares Bruce @transcendwebs
4 Schneidz Corey Perry Marcus @schneidz
5 artisiaw P.K. Subban Ryan @artisia_wong
6 Jagr Bomb Tuukka Task Jag @BrownAristotle
7 #StillNotDecided Evgeni Malkin Brayden
8 Pyke Golden Krakens Alex Ovechkin Marcus @scronide
9 Long Dog Scorers Henrik Lundqvist Mike @MikeGT79
10 Vlasicraptors Ryan Getzlaf Ryan @ryanbiech
11 Waffles Claude Giroux Sabrina @sabrinachiu67
12 #WinDaTurd Patrick Kane Chad @C_Forrest
13 AvoidTheCheck Jonathan Quick Taryn @taryneliza_beth
14 MotherPuckers Jamie Benn Liz @ilovedeluscious
15 Twurtle’s Team Tyler Seguin Raman @_Twurtle
16 Gin & Tanev Erik Karlsson Kate @kleine_snowdrop
17 PuckMeHappy Daniel Sedin Lindsay @feedmehappy
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