Mar 262013
Canucks Winning While Walking Wounded

The hand isn’t hovering directly over the panic button, but in Vancouver it’s always close by. From the middle of February to the middle of March the Canucks lost 11 of 16, including a disappointing 8-3 drubbing at the hands of the Red Wings, and lackluster efforts against some of the poorer teams in the […]

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Feb 192013
Canucks In Chicago Look To Deny Blackhawks Record

One of the NHL’s Best Rivalries: On Tuesday the Canucks are in Chicago to take on the Hawks. When the calendar for the lockout-shortened season was released, Canucks fans immediately circled games of interest. No matter which other teams you love to see (or love to hate), almost all Canucks fans take note of every […]

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Feb 052013
Canucks Wagonwatch: Game 9 vs Oilers

Despite what local press will have you believe about doom and gloom in Canuck-land, the boys are off to their best start in many years at 5-2-2. The last time the Canucks had a better start to their season was in 2005-2006 when they had a 7-1-1 record after 9 games.

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Jan 122013
Lord of the NHL - The Two Towers

  The lockout is over! Pending a ratified CBA, we’re looking at the return of NHL hockey on January 19th. The night before the lockout ended, I decided to watch Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, for the hundredth time. It occurred to me that the movie plot is closely related to the NHL […]

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Jan 092013
2013 #Canucks Twitter Hockey Pool

Thank you all for joining the #Canucks Twitter Fans pool! I wanted to explain some of the rules here so everyone knows what’s happening and we can all have fun this season! This year will be a Rotisserie league. In Rotisserie pools, each team is ranked on a number of statistic categories based on how they […]

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Jan 012013
Gingerbread 2012: Canuck Place Children's Hospice

A few years ago I received The Gingerbread Architect as a gift. It’s a great book, and it comes with recipes and ingredients for 12 different gingerbread masterpieces. Last year, I wrote “I am strongly considering making my own house out of gingerbread”. Perhaps I was just a bit too ambitious with my plans this year. My inspiration: Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

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