Oct 312017

The play of Canucks rookie Brock Boeser inspired this year’s pumpkin carving. Since it’s October and Boeser is having a great start to his rookie season, #Brocktober only seems natural!

I began with a photo of Brock Boeser. Using Photoshop, I modified the photo to black and white, then increased the contrast on the photo and repeated that process until only a few shades remain: black, white and some easily discernible areas of grey. From there, I roughly shaded the areas of darkness on the pumpkin.

Here I began carving the pumpkin. Remember that when carving, the thinnest areas will appear lightest, and the thickest areas will appear darkest. For the areas that will be the darkest, only a thin layer of the hull is shaven off. For the areas that are lighter, I carved deeper.

The carving process continues deeper. Each time I carved specific areas I would do a quick lighting test. A LED light inside the pumpkin is helpful. For the hair, I did not shave off any of the hull; instead, I carved lines that followed the sweet flow of Brock’s hair. More lines means more light could come through.

Here things are looking great. The only parts of the face that I did not carve the hull of the pumpkin are the hair, and the pupils of the eyes, which should be black. The only areas that are carved right through are the whites of the eyes. Everything else is a varying depth of carve that will determine the amount of light coming through.

The finished pumpkin as featured on Bardown and Sportsnet! No effects on the photograph, just a longer shutter opening to capture more light.

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